Sunday, 23 March 2014

Yo-yo Weather

The last couple of days have seen a welcome change in the weather.  We've broken out of the long run of westerlies, which brought us nothing but grey skies and rain, into a more turbulent airstream, with huge cumulonimbus clouds looming across bright blue skies - this was the view from our house yesterday afternoon.

By first thing this morning we were back into hail and snow showers, with the snow line much lower on the hills opposite us on Morvern, but by....

....half past ten, when Ricky Clark and I arrived at Sanna, the sun was smiling from a brilliant blue sky.  Picture here shows the fish farm well boat Robris off Sanna.

We were there to take a look at what Ricky suspected might be a shell midden, the rubbish-dump of possibly mesolithic hunter-gatherers which typically includes charcoal from their fire, and the shells and fish remains they were cooking.  There's good evidence this was a midden, albeit a small one, with the remains of a cooking fire, but while we were studying it and taking pictures, it hailed.

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