Sunday, 16 March 2014

Visitor Pictures

Many thanks to Jon and Jan for this picture of the scaffold around Mingary Castle, taken from the ferry last week.  Jon commented, "I thought it looked particularly well built and symmetrical, being a Gemini."  There's no doubt that it was well built, as it's survived one of the roughest winters in years with only the loss of a few scaffolding boards.

Jon also sent this picture, of the arch at Kilmory Bay. As he pointed out, it was probably formed by wave erosion yet it's well above the level of the present beach, another piece of evidence of the way the land locally is still rising after the last ice age.

They're looking forward to returning this coming month, and hoping that the weather will be a little better.  I don't think they're alone in that hope.


  1. Kilmory arch looks fascinating; please show us more pictures from other angles when you next visit the area on your walks. The immediate impression is that it must be hand built as the blocks look regular and dressed and yet the colours and texture of the geology line up! It always amazes me how such delicate remnant structures remain intact.

  2. It may be hand built,but i don't think so having passed by many times and even climbed it as boy.Maybe that like the site of the water mill at Achateny it is ancient and forgotten.

  3. I'm grateful to Jon and Jan for reminding me of this arch. I need to get down there and have another look at it. Jon

  4. Also - apologies to Allan who has been trying to get a comment on to this post but seems to have been struggling with the Google system. Three comments finally came through. Jon