Thursday, 6 March 2014

Another Survey Ship in the Sound

The Proteus of Liverpool was busy steaming around off the CalMac pier this morning.  She belongs to the same company, Osiris Projects, as the Bibby Tethra, another survey boat that was moving around in much the same area on 18th February - see post here.

The Proteus is brand new, having been delivered earlier this year.  Described by the World Maritime News here as "primarily for oil and gas and offshore renewable clients, performing cable and pipeline pre- and post-installation route surveys around the coastline of the UK and Northern Europe", she raises the same questions as we asked about the Tethra - is she here to survey for the high-speed internet connection that's been promised us or, as one commentator suggested on this blog, is she looking for the gold from the Spanish Armada ship which sank off Tobermory?  The latter seems less likely as the search seems to be concentrated in Tobermory Bay - see Scotsman article here.  Or is she here for another reason?  Is there oil in the Sound?  Are we going to be very, very rich?


  1. According to the men digging up Pier Road they are laying a broadband cable across to Tobermory later this year and we will be benefitting from it!

  2. It was in the same area on Sunday past, I suspect its our supper dooper speed cable internet stuff.