Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Parish Church Renovations - Update

From Fiona Ogg:

Work on the west wall has been completed.

Externally, the pointing has been renovated (linseed oil and horsehair were used where applicable) and the roof work at the verges is complete. The skew stones have been packed and pointed into position. Failed joints have been raked out and repointed. Slates were stripped off the south slope, a rafter on the wallhead replaced and the slates refitted after replacement of underfelt.

Internally, the remains of timber grounds were removed, all loose material was also removed and the wall brushed down to remove all loose materials, gaps were packed and repointed and the wall has had three coats of limewash.

The wall is as water- and wind-proof as it can be. After years of soaking in moisture, in spite of the best efforts of those who have previously repaired the wall, it will take quite a considerable time for the wall to dry out as much as it ever will. To aid that process, there is a dehumidifier buzzing away in the church drying out the atmosphere.

If anyone would like more details, please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer questions, or find out the answer!


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