Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Thought from Devon

From Derryck Morton:

The sun has come out today and oh, what a glorious day. Two small tortoiseshell butterflies flew about and the air is full of insects with the gardens creaking with the opening buds. Cherry and plum blossom, catkins and pussy willow decorate the hedgerows and this honey bee visited our elephants-ear (Bergenia cordifolia) flowers which have remained open all winter. It all reminds me of the verse in Kenny MacKenzie's song 'Kilchoan Once More':

And the spring time's upon us, and the dawn of summer is here.
The choirs of songbirds awaken, to mornings bright fresh and clear;
No more will I be dreaming of a brighter warmer day,
as I head for Ardnamurchan, with it's wild yet peaceful bays.

Hoping it is as warm, calm and delightful in Kilchoan as it is in Devon.

Many thanks to Derryck for picture and words - and, no, the weather here in Kilchoan has been pretty foul the last couple of days - near gale today from SE, and heavy rain overnight.

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  1. Hi Derryck,

    I have just stumbled across your very nice post! Many thanks for your appreciation of my song.

    All the best,