Monday, 10 March 2014

The First Day of Spring

The day didn't start very promisingly - this is Ben Hiant shortly before seven this morning....

....but half-an-hour later the sun was fighting its way through the overcast and, within an hour - see Rachael's picture below - it was burning off the last of the night's mists.

We then spent the rest of the day basking in the sort of sunshine we've almost forgotten, with a flat-calm sea....

....and the honey bees - presumably from Trevor Potts' hives at Ardnamurchan Campsite - out on the garden heather.  Then, when we came to eat our lunch on a warm and sunny terrace....

....the first flies arrived.  Suddenly, it really felt like summer.


  1. An enormously well earned Spring-like day you have enjoyed. Obviously it's not just the humans who are joyful. Here in Vermont we have had the coldest Winter most can remember. Many below 0 (F) mornings from December right into March. Another 10" of snow predicted for Wednesday. Nonetheless, we celebrate Spring with you! Jim Robinson

  2. What a magnificent picture of the blow fly. The whole insect is in focus; that is something I have been trying to do for years!!

  3. Hi Jim and Derryck - Many thanks for your comments. We're not counting any chickens as the forecast is back to our sort of winter - rain - for the weekend. Hope you see spring soon, Jim. As for the fly picture, like so many things it was sheer good luck. Jon