Thursday, 20 March 2014

Suddenly it's Sunshine

It blew a gale last night, with one of those winds that lashed the rain against the windows.  By 8am this morning the rain gauge showed 19mm, the stormy weather continued, and by three hours later a further 10mm of lovely Kilchoan sunshine had been added.  Then, suddenly, the weather cleared.  It wasn't in any of the forecasts, and it happened very quickly, so by lunchtime we had blue skies and a sun that felt warm on one's back.

After the weather we've had over the last few days, under a grey, drizzly westerly airflow, it was like being given a tonic; and it wasn't only the human world where spirits were soaring.  This is one of our local buzzards who was almost performing aerial cartwheels in the sunshine.

We have two other lambs now in Ormsaigbeg, both in Nan MacLachlan's field, and pretty miserable they were in the rain - this picture was taken yesterday - but they've perked up and can now be seen jumping around.

The men laying the ducting for our superfast broadband cable have worked their way up Pier Road from the ferry terminal and are now at the corner where Pier Road meets the main road.  It was interesting talking to them.  They don't think the connection is going in from Kilchoan along the peninsula to Fort William, not in the near future anyway, and this is borne out by the map - here - at the Digital Scotland website, which shows service starting in our area between July and December 2016.

Many thanks to Dominic Cooper for the Digital Scotland link.


  1. How I wish that here in this area of Dundee, that I even had Kilchoan's current broadband speeds. 1mbps is all that my BT line is rated at! I can't even imagine aspiring to superfast. Mind you, I've never lost a router to lightning :-)


  2. Never in any bird book have I ever seen a Buzzard profile in such perfect splendour. Jon, your camera skills deserve an award!

  3. Hi Alan - yes, we're lucky with our broadband speeds. I've had up to 7 mb/sec and it's currently running at just over 6.

    Hi Derryck - the bird seemed to be determined to show off his plumage. He's had a truly miserable winter, so it was good to see him in such fine form. As for 'skills' - it's luck!