Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Type 45

For reasons which are complicated and, probably, incomprehensible to others, I've wanted to see and photograph one of Britain's new Type 45 destroyers.  At last, this evening, just before seven, the opportunity came, but it was raining, the light was terrible, and one could hardly see, let alone photograph the ship.

We spotted her as she passed Rubha nan Gall lighthouse by Tobermory but, as she approached, the light became, if anything, worse.

The best picture - one of about forty shots - was taken just as she was about to pass out of sight.  It shows that she's D33, HMS Dauntless, the second of the Daring Class destroyers to be launched, in 2010.  The reason she's passing us now is that she's just been on a visit to Glasgow, where she was launched.  There's more about her here.

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  1. Chris Gane writes from Abu Dhabi - "You may get to see more of Dauntless and possibly more submarines as the "Perisher" course is being run out of Faslane at the moment for potential sub commanders. The Ula class sub you saw would be acting as conventionally powered prey for the nuclear powered hunter-killer Astute boats. The Type 45 would be trying to find both of them as part of its anti submarine warfare training as well as being a target for the Astute submarine."

    Many thanks, Chris.