Monday, 17 March 2014

New Team at Kilchoan Hotel

There's a new team at the Kilchoan Hotel and, to help introduce themselves, they persuaded professional photographer Hamza Yassin to take some pictures of them.  They are, from left to right, Kerry Borwick, Sophie Cameron, chefs Pablette and Paul Kerr, Karen Burnett, and hotel manager Sarah MacKinnon.

Pablette says, "At the beginning of this year Paul and I jumped into this new adventure and took the reins of two wonderful properties on the Ardnamuchan Estate, Glenborrodale Castle and Kilchoan Hotel. At first it looked like a big challenge and we were a little uncertain as to where to start but, as the days have gone by, we have fallen in love and come to the conclusion this was the best choice we could possibly have made.

"We are an eager and very young team of individuals with a little bit of banter, striving for only the best, and committed to provide both our community and tourists with good quality food and service using a variety of local produce."

The next big event at the hotel is Saturday night's Traditional Italian Night - see details on the hotel website.

The new Kilchoan Hotel website is here.
Hamza Yassin's website is here.


  1. Went a few times at the end of February. Atmosphere and food was great. Easy to spend far too long in the bar. New team are great - enthusiastic and welcoming.

  2. I hope someone invests in nicer tops for the staff - the chefs look so smart but the rest of the staff could definitely do with something better