Friday, 14 March 2014

Sanna in the Wind

We're stuck at present in a run of strong westerlies which are bringing in biting showers so, unwilling to take to the hills, we did what we so often do in such weather - took a bracing walk along the beach at Sanna.  At times the hills at the back of the township were lost in low cloud - picture shows some of the croft houses in Upper Sanna and, to the right, the Sanna Mission Hall, a non-denominational place of worship built in 1890 to serve what was, at that time, quite a new township.

We were alone of the beach, alone except for the sea birds.  They were reluctant to take off as we approached, probably fearing they'd end up in Inverness.

The tide was low, the sand smoothed by the retreating sea.  This picture was taken from the most southerly of Sanna's many bays, looking across to Portuairk.

We finished up by climbing the low hill at the south end of Sanna, turning to look back across its beaches.  The buffeting of the wind made taking a picture difficult, but it shows the beautiful blue-green that seems to linger even on such a grey day.

We did no more than glance at the view across to Portuairk before setting off back to the car.  But, as we walked through the marram grass of the machair, we heard an excited sound above us.  Looking up, we saw the first skylark of the season.

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  1. Lovely report on the road conditions and rather special pictures of Sanna Bay. I was there last year with a few parties who were gobsmacked at the "pseudo-Caribbean" beach scene, albeit missing the palm trees ;-)
    Dive Tramp