Monday, 17 March 2014

Landslip News

Picture shows the brae at Ardslignish where the landslip took place on Thursday.  We're told that there's still a lot to do and that the Council will be working there for about three weeks - so more disruption to traffic is likely.

For anyone reading this who does not know the area, the 200+ people who live on West Ardnamurchan are connected to civilisation by this single-track road.  The only other way that vehicles can get off the peninsula is via the Kilchoan-Tobermory ferry.

It was fortunate that the slip happened opposite one of the many passing places - each of them has a white notice beside it so it can be seen at a distance.  Had it happened a few yards down the road, it would have completely blocked the road.

The road has been blocked before - for example when a lorry carrying materials for a house slipped off the road near Glenbeg, and after a rockfall at Glenborrodale.

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