Monday, 15 August 2016

Sunshine & Butterflies

After an absence of over a week, the sun appeared this morning, accompanied by a stiff southeasterly breeze, but even this wasn't enough to keep the larger and less resilient butterflies from flying. Some of them were hard to spot - look closely at top right in this picture....

....and you'll be prying into the private life of a pair of of scotch arguses.

There's a strong colour difference between these two individuals which I haven't seen before. According to the UKButterflies website - here - the scotch argus has a number of subspecies, so perhaps we're seeing two of them meeting.

To add to our pleasure, we've been given a new buddleia by a neighbour and within an hour of planting it in the front garden a peacock had arrived, and a red admiral was showing interest. This is a plant which is going to give us, and the local insects, many hours of pleasure.

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