Monday, 1 August 2016

Cruise Ships

The Saga Sapphire entered the northern end of the Sound of Mull just before 6.30 this morning and then turned into Tobermory Bay, where its passengers had the chance to spend most of the day ashore. The Sapphire is 35 years old and very much your 'ordinary' sort of cruise ship. In May 2014 she caught fire off Tobermory, but was repaired and continued her voyage - see Diary report here.

By comparison, the Europa 2, launched in 2013, is your top-end cruise ship, a large ship with a capacity for 500 passengers catered for by 56 chefs, and offering around 600 varieties of wine and 200 varieties of gin. She entered the Sound around eight this evening and is currently anchored off Tobermory.

Many thanks to the Raptor for drawing our attention to the Europa 2.

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