Monday, 15 August 2016

East to West Cycle Ride - 3

The intrepid cyclists reached Durham last night after a run of 113 miles, describing the last twenty miles as "hiller" and saying that they are, "running out of beans".

For the first three days they averaged well over a hundred miles a day so today they're taking it a little easier, doing only sixty miles to Haltwhistle and Hadrian's Wall.

One of yesterday's stops was in Whetherby where they enjoyed an award-winning black pudding marmalade pork pie by Mr Voakes - who donated to their cause, the Teenage Cancer Trust - while sixty miles later they stopped at a pub and bought jam rolypoly which was, "out of this world".

Donations can be made at Tom and Lizzie's JustGiving site - here. They had a target of £1,500 which they have now exceeded.

They're due to arrive at Ardnamurchan Point some time late Thursday afternoon.

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