Wednesday, 17 August 2016

East to West Cycle Ride - 6

Tom and Lizzie are still on course to reach Ardnamurchan Point tomorrow afternoon. They'll be crossing from Oban to Craignure, then cycling to Tobermory and taking the ferry to Kilchoan.  As soon as we know which Tobermory ferry they're catching, we'll put it on this blog and on Facebook.

Yesterday, after a short ride - by way of a rest - on Monday, the two left Hadrian's wall and headed north. Lizzie writes, "It was lovely to enter Scotland at Gretna where we generally stop when travelling up by car. Beautiful landscape travelling along the river, then into the southern uplands, with delightful gentle climbing and descending - some of the best riding I've done. Long descent into Dalmellington where we stayed in a guesthouse that also hosts carer respite and training. They teach people catering and housekeeping skills too. Wonderful idea, and the place felt luxurious.

"Today we travel 94 miles, though a mile or two is by ferry, 4,200ft of climbing and a bit of excitement passing west of Glasgow through the likes of Irvine and Greenock. We then cycle through Gourock which we know from Tom's Scottish Grandma's handy phrase - 'Off to the side like Gourock' - which she'd say quite a bit!

"East to West has just passed £4,000. We are so delighted. Thank you everyone for donating to the Teenage Cancer Trust and sending us support."


  1. We met a couple at the lighthouse in 1992 who'd cycled from Lowestoft on a tandem. We passed them on the road near the Sonachan and then when they got to the lighthouse they asked us to take their photograph.

    I think I remember they said it had taken them two weeks. They were going to rest for a week in a caravan and then cycle back to Manchester. I remember as well that the weather was really hot at the end of May in 1992. It must have been hard going on a tandem.

    To do it in a week is seriously impressive.

  2. That picture of the lighthouse is just fantastic! Made my day coming across it.