Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spot the Difference

From the Raptor:
Whilst coming back from the Fort on Tuesday I was astonished to round a corner to the north of Loch Mudle - just where the vista opens up into the most beautiful view in Scotland - to see....

....sitting very well placed at the side of the road, this a table top iron press. Now this had not fallen off the back of a lorry, nor did it fall through the open window of a passing car and I doubt if a camper-van was driving along with its main door open. This large item, which was in one piece and unscathed, was placed at the side of the road quite deliberately in my opinion.

When are the people who visit this most beautiful corner of Scotland going to start respecting the area and stop throwing rubbish out of their cars, vans and the like. Please keep your rubbish until your are in an area that has bins, don't just discard it on the open road in the hope that some mug (me) will come along and pick it up for you.

I hope someone recognises the the owner or the place that this has come from, and if they do please let them know that I am holding onto it so they can come and collect it and take it to the place it should have been taken to in the first place, the rubbish tip.

I also hope someone from the Community Council may read this and feel that it is about time we take action against fly tipping at any level.

Many thanks to the Raptor for words and pictures.


  1. That's dreadful, I hope the person responsible is found!

  2. Fly Tipping? Another possibility may be that it fell from a trailer after going over the nearby cattle grid,driver unaware and another person passing then moves it from the middle of road and places it on the verge. There are a few possibilities but in my opinion fly tipping is unlikely.

  3. You're no "mug". Thank you for picking it up.

  4. The Raptor asks me to reply to 'Anonymous' - "Dear Anonymous, as I stated in my piece there is no damage to the iron. If it had fallen from a vehicle then I suspect parts of it would have broken off. The cattle grid is about 150 meters away. Having previously filled 9 black bags of rubbish on a one mile stretch of road just outside Kilchoan and picked up some of the strangest objects which definitely never fell out of a vehicle, I'm not surprised at all that it may have been dumped."

  5. I feel sad and if not a tad offended that the Raptor would automatically assume the people who visit Ardnamurchan could be the only culprits! 46 Year I have been coming on holiday to Ardnamurchan, Kilmory and it's the first time I have slightly unwelcome.

  6. I don't think the Raptor intended to smear all our visitors, and he would wish to join me in apologising wholeheartedly to you if his post seemed offensive and unwelcoming. I'm quite sure that there are both locals and visitors who are careless with their litter, but I suppose it is the increase in traffic along the roads in summer which results in the volume of mess the Raptor, rightly, so hates - and which he does make the effort to pick up. Jon