Friday, 5 August 2016

Kilchoan Pram Race 2016

The annual Kilchoan Pram race was run today with the races starting at the Kilchoan Hotel. The junior race was run to the parish church and back, while the seniors had to struggle as far as the shop, and struggle all the way home again.

The theme for the year was 'Musicals'. The three prams competing in the junior section were, from left to right, Calamity Jane, Frozen and Mama Mia.

While some competitors looked justifiably apprehensive....

....others obviously enjoyed the whole experience, and it was these two with Calamity Jane who went on to win the race.

While the junior competition was run as a proper race, with seven competitors the seniors had to have staged  starts - picture shows the first pram setting off on the gruelling course with the others lined up ready to go. Compere Ricky Clark (right) provided his usual cheerful commentary.

The pram race tests the stamina of the best, but there are some people....

 ....who manage to smile in all adversities.

The adult Best Fancy Dress award went to Cats, and....

 ....the Best Pram award went to Pink Ladies, who also....

....came third in the race, with Wizard of Oz second. The winners were Will Shaw and Gulliver Lord in A Sound of Music.

Congratulations to the competitors (and their support teams) for their effort and for the quality of the prams, and special thanks to all those who organised such a thoroughly enjoyable event.

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