Monday, 22 August 2016

One for the Raptor

Les Humphreys kindly sends these pictures and says, "Here's something for the Raptor. These three were over us earlier this week.

"Two clearly have white tails, and are therefore sea eagles, but....

"....what is the middle, darker one, seen at the bottom of this picture?

"They soared around for about fifteen minutes, then the two white tails flew over towards the Natural History Centre while the dark one went back over the hill."

Many thanks to Les for the pictures.

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  1. Hi, definitely a Golden eagle flying with the two white tails. Its not unknown for them to fly together, I have seen them over Glenmore in the past doing exactly this. Usually the Goldie will just be watching the progress of the white tails through its territory ensuring they don't get up to any mischief on the way. Great pics Les.

    The Raptor