Monday, 8 August 2016

Kilchoan Salvage Team's Success

From our Maritime Correspondent:

There was high drama in the bay last night as the stormy weather blew through Kilchoan causing high winds, rain and a big swell blowing from the south west which is always challenging for any boats moored. Jonny Watson’s boat was spotted overturned with the bow section bobbing in heavy swell and it looked like the engine was on the bottom being bashed every time a wave came through. 

A few people had gathered at the jetty to see what could be done and very soon after Justin Cameron, Nan MacLachlan and Chris Gane decided to try and get it under tow from Chris’ RIB. The plan was to take it into the shallow bay in front of Meall mo Chridhe where it would be protected from the waves and the soft sandy bottom would minimise damage to the engine.

Conditions were challenging but Justin - held aboard by Nan - managed to get a line onto her and cut her free from the mooring.

A towing bridle was quickly rigged and she was towed into the sheltered waters and tied to a convenient mooring.

Then around 1am, at low tide, Hughie MacLachlan led a second salvage party who waded out to her and managed to right her and bail out the water. Hughie reports extensive damage to the engine but the boat itself survived the ordeal and can be seen floating in the bay this morning.

Many thanks to our correspondent for another gripping story & pictures.

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