Saturday, 6 August 2016

More About Algy

From Jenny Chapman:

[Q] Which is the first book?

[A] A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird is the first book, in which Algy arrives in this strange new place from far across the sea:

[Q] Are Algy’s books your first children’s books?

[A] Yes. I have wanted to write illustrated children’s books ever since I was 5 or 6 years’ old myself, but it took a very long time to get round to it… However, I have been working as a professional writer (non fiction) for almost 20 years, and went to art college as a mature student to study illustration specifically so that I could realise this ambition, although I ended up doing more animation than illustration.

[Q] Have you tried to sell Algy’s books to a mainstream publisher?

[A] No. That may seem strange, but after many years of writing for a big global publisher, I know that there are many problems associated with that. Of course it’s probable that the project would ultimately make a great deal more money through conventional channels, providing the publisher was really enthusiastic about the books, but even a good publishing contract comes with a “price” of a different kind. For start, with children’s books especially, I would lose a lot of control over content, which would not be acceptable in a project of this kind, and there is a very long lead time in traditional publishing.

It’s possible that ultimately the series of Algy books will be taken over by a mainstream publisher, but I have no intention of pursuing that option at present.

[Q] When will the next Algy book be available?

[A] The next book in the series should be available shortly before Christmas this year, if all goes well.

[Q] Where can I buy Algy’s books?

[A] Algy’s books have standard ISBNs, so if you are outwith the local area, you can order Algy’s books from any bookseller, whether “bricks and mortar” or online. Amazon in the UK keep Algy’s books in stock for immediate delivery, and The Book Depository will ship Algy’s books free to anywhere in the world.

If you are in the local area, you can buy Algy’s books from most local retail outlets and visitor centres, and from Tackle & Books in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. You can also buy them direct from me in person at some local events.

[Q] Are Algy’s books available as ebooks?

[A] At present Algy’s books are available as Kindle books from all Amazon’s sites around the world, but not in any other ebook format. This may change in the future. But you don’t need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book, as Amazon supply free Kindle reading apps for most systems and devices.

Don’t forget: the Kindle editions of Algy’s books will be available for everyone to download FREE all day on Sunday 7th August.

[Q] How can I get a signed copy of one of Algy’s books if I can’t visit your local area?

[A] Signed copies of Algy’s books can be purchased direct from Algy’s own web site, where you can specify exactly how you want the book signed, and the wording of the dedication. I can - and do - ship books all around the world.

Algy is working hard, signing books for tomorrow's book signing event at the Lighthouse, so that children can have copies with his own special signature. If you can’t visit the lighthouse, you can buy one of these special copies from Algy’s own bookshop at

[Q] How long have you lived in Ardnamurchan? Do you stay here all year round?

[A] We have been living in Ardnamurchan all year round since autumn 1999, when we moved here from the Scottish Borders.

[Q] Is the Adventures of Algy all your own work?

[A] All the original material, in all media, is entirely my own work, but Nigel (my husband) does most of the elaborate typesetting work for the books, and all of the programming and web development work for Algy’s own web site and online shop. We are lucky that between us we had a suitable range of professional skills, training, and experience to be able to produce all aspects of the project ourselves.

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