Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Repairs at Camas nan Geall

This morning, members of the Ardnamurchan History and Heritage Association were at Cladh Chiarain, the Campbell graveyard and Bronze Age standing stone at Camas nan Geall, to do some hard work - but what a difference it makes when the weather is little short of perfect, and one's workplace is this bay is at its most beautiful.

We were there to carry out repairs to the fencing around the site, fenced off to keep the sheep away from what is a national scheduled monument. AHHA has adopted this monument under Archaeology Scotland's 'Adopt a Monument' scheme but, to carry out the work, we had to obtain permission from Historic Environment Scotland, and the main condition was that the fence be replaced on a like-for-like basis.

On our way down to the site we disturbed a large gaggle of greylag geese which were grazing on the new grass in the recently-harvested silage field. They flew out over the bay before circling round to land at the mouth of the Allt Torr na Moine.

Before work could start, the old stobs had to be removed along with four strands of twisted galvanised iron wire.

The new stobs could then be hammered into place, taking great care to put them exactly where each old stob had been removed, before.... wire could be strung.

Huge thanks to the workmen - from left, George, Jim and James - for giving so generously of their time, and to Ardnamurchan Estate, which provided all the materials.

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