Sunday, 28 August 2016

East of Mingary

In bright sunshine and a light northerly wind, we walked today into the rolling hills to the east of Mingary.

It's land which the Ardnamurchan Estate uses to graze its cattle but these share it quite happily with sheep and the occasional deer.

This red deer stag is an exceptionally fine specimen, ready for the annual rut.

By kind permission of Holly and Chris Bull, the managers at Mingary Castle, we walked round to the sea side to take pictures of the one part of the refurbishment which I hadn't recorded - the sea wall which protects the base of the cliff on which the castle stands from erosion by the sea. It's made of reinforced concrete to a very high specification, but then clad with the local stone.

We were very pleased to hear that the first three months of the castle's new role as top-end accommodation for visitors have proved very successful.

The only butterflies in real evidence recently have been two species of white, but today we had the good luck, and the pleasure, of watching a painted lady which....

....was the devil to photograph as it would only sit still in one place for a few moments, but luck finally allowed.... picture of the spectacular underside of this locally rare beauty.

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  1. I wonder if the painted lady was one of the ten reared by our granddaughters Connie and Rosie earlier this summer.