Monday, 11 July 2016

Yesterday's Post

Kilchoan and Glenborrodale exchanges' broadband went down on Saturday at around 1.00pm.  The BT helpline gave conflicting advice as to when it would be back - for example, on Sunday at 3.00pm it suggested three hours, but when it was interrogated again at 7.00pm, it suggested twenty-two hours. It finally came back at around 1.00pm today.

So - by way of an apology for the lack of a post yesterday here's a picture of a harassed father redpoll collecting seed from a sorrel to feed his ravenous young.


  1. (Ha - 3rd attempt at posting a comment, by this time sounding distinctly unfunny and not worth repeating. Sorry if the previous two have in fact arrived, though I think I've got Google Blogger on a bad day.)

    Glad to find the reason for yesterday's gap (not that you should be expected to keep up such a flow of brilliant stuff each and every day or not allowed ever to take a break, if wished). However, things appear so regularly, without fail, that we were left anxious lest you were trapped by a boulder with a rising tide, or perhaps savaged by a siskin or maybe hypnotised into inaction by the passage of ships in the Sound. Much relief to know it was none of these things. RB.

  2. Many thanks indeed for your kind comment. Of the alternatives, I think the worst is being savaged by a siskin.
    I'm sorry about the problems with posting a comment. Blogger is always bad unless you sign up.
    It's a great pleasure writing the blog, and it's very good to know that it is enjoyed. Jon