Sunday, 17 July 2016

Wet Walking

Even when there's been around 35mm of almost continuous rain in the last twenty-four hours, the ground is sodden underfoot, and the burns are a boiling mass of whisky-coloured water, we're incapable of spending a whole day indoors. So, having waited and hoped that the weather would clear, we finally gave up around three this afternoon and set off to follow our neighbouring burn....

....up through the croft fields at the back of the house, where we found these wild raspberries ripening in the rain.

There was water everywhere up on the common grazings, both underfoot and horizontally in the air, but we've learned from bitter previous experience which wet-weather clothing to buy, including, now, Sealskinz waterproof socks as an extra layer inside our boots.

To the local hill sheep, the priorities on a wet day isn't much different from a dry: eating. By the time we met this little group we were getting into the clouds, and....

....when we reached the cairn on top of Maol Buidhe at the west end of Ormsaigbeg, we couldn't see much more than twenty metres.

There's something very satisfying about emerging through the base of the cloud and finding oneself almost exactly where one thought, but even better is arriving home to a warm house, a cup of tea, and Mrs Diary's home-made ginger cookies.

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