Saturday, 2 July 2016

Mending the Roads

This is a very welcome sight! For the last couple of days road repairs have been carried out along the Portuairk road, and yesterday the team were in the village at the Sanna road junction. There were delays, but we didn't have to wait much more than twenty minutes - a good investment in return for some new road surface.

The section of road on the Kilchoan side of the Sonachan Hotel, which was in a terrible state, has been done but, as can be seen in both this picture....

....and in more detail here, the thick layer of asphalt has left some fearsome edges. If a small car leaves the surface, it'll be like falling off a cliff.


  1. Interesting that silence on the blog might confirm that the two full sized articulated lorries which appear to have been accidentally driven off the Glenborrodale straight on ? Wednesday night ? , did not impinge very much on the tranquility of West Ardnamurchan ?

  2. Heard that they had gone off the road - but they're not the first and won't be the last. Jon