Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Common Terns

From The Raptor:
"A group of terns that were fishing for sprat or sand eel just off the pier yesterday evening. There were eight adults and about five young sitting on the rocks around the fish farm.

"The parents were diving, catching the eels and taking then straight over to the young and feeding them.

"The water was alive with small fish, moon jelly fish, sand eel and mackerel, as this picture shows. Off shore the gannets were diving but too far out for a good picture.

"These are common tern, most noticeable identification mark being the black tip to the beak. Although noted as a common summer visitor I have only seen them once before in my 9 years here. They make a most harsh 'skee ar' sound - I hate describing bird sounds!"

The humans were out fishing from the pier as well. The Raptor apologises for cutting off the man's upper body and head but this is because, "I didn't ask his permission to publish him."

Many thanks to the Raptor for pictures, story and bird sound.

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