Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ardnamongolia - the Mongol Rally 2016

Jack Macmillan, Adrian Stace and Zander Macgregor are about to tackle the Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile challenge that will see them attempt to drive from Ardnamurchan to Ulan Ude in Russia.

The main catch with the Mongol Rally is that competitors are not allowed to take a vehicle that is up to the task of crossing rivers, deserts and mountain passes. The rally rules stipulate that maximum engine size is 1.2litre, limiting teams to cars such as Vauxhall Corsas and Nissan Micras. The lads have chosen to go with a Hyundai Getz which will hopefully stand up to the testing road conditions of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. 

They are taking on this challenge to raise money for Spinal Injuries Scotland. This charity has worked closely with their friend, James Strachan, after he suffered a serious spinal injury while working in the forestry in Lochaber. The charity does great work, supporting patients and their families, helping them to adjust to living with a spinal injury.

They are also raising money for the official Mongol Rally Charity - Cool Earth. This is an environmental charity that works closely with the indigenous people of rainforests around the world to help combat deforestation and the negative impact it is having on a local and global scale.

Their Facebook page is here, and you can donate through the BT MyDonate website here.

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