Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mixed Weather

While the recent weather hasn't been ideal for our butterflies - picture shows a meadow brown hiding in the grass on a dull day - they were....

.....quick to take advantage of Thursday's welcome sunshine. The whites predominated, but we also saw small heaths, a red admiral and this beautiful small tortoiseshell, sunning itself on a fence.

Inevitably, the number of visitors we see here during the summer months is strongly influenced by the weather - less the weather itself than the forecast. Thursday's sunshine was predicted, and the local camp site's numbers surged, but today's forecast - even as late as yesterday evening - was dire, so many campers left. Yet we've had little rain.

The visitors shown in the above picture are a large group of what look like racing pigeons, feeding along with gulls and starlings in one of the croft fields from which the haylage was gathered on Thursday.


  1. Possibly rock dove? They nest in some of the caves and fissures beyond Ormsaigbeag and the north coast. Always tricky to say whether a bird is a pure rock dove or a feral pigeon, or a bit of both!

  2. Many thanks. It would be nice to think they were rock doves. Jon