Friday, 22 July 2016

North Coast Broadband

Tony Swift, who lives in Branault (above), one of the north coast's tiny communities which is far removed from any hope of reasonable broadband speeds from BT, writes of his recent installation of satellite broadband through a company called Europasat.

"Installation was carried out on 7th July.  It's taken me two weeks to find my way around. Results – yes, Yes, YES!

"Speed is so much better. Not able to quote a speed yet as I had some difficulty in logging on as the portal was down for a few days.

"We're now able to watch BBC videos. Facebook, although I am not a fan, does actually work, to keep in touch with grand children in Israel, South Korea and Australia. Only two Skype contacts so far, with family in Fife and Birmingham, but it is the same distance to the satellite whether it is Scotland or Canada.

"A Kilchoan Diary now downloads so much more quickly, brilliant!!

"The installation was carried out by the boss of a firm called Colin Chessor Ltd. - which is well worth a visit on Google - very efficiently and in only two hours. The house now resembles GCHQ in Cheltenham with the number of aerials.

"Verdict after only two weeks usage – Excellent, brilliant and well worth it."

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