Sunday, 31 July 2016

Jogging Along Ormsaigbeg

After it leaves the shop, the Ormsaigbeg road rises steadily until, just before it ends near the Twin's House, there's a final steep section. For those who enjoy jogging as a way of keeping fit, this is particularly hard work, but there's is a bench at the top on which they can rest, recover, and enjoy the view.

For those who have a little more energy, it's worth running past the Twin's House and through the gate into the Ormsaigbeg common grazings. The path tends to be lost in bracken, and has a steep drop below it, but for those who persist they'll be rewarded with an even finer view, down into a secluded bay which is perfect for swimming, and across the Sound towards Morvern and Mull.

Many thanks to Rachael, who ran up there this afternoon, for the picture.

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