Monday, 4 July 2016

Ardnamurchan Otters

Sue and Richard Doran have been holidaying in West Ardnamurchan for many years, more recently staying with the Livetts at one of their holiday cottages at Ardslignish. Both are keen photographers  - all these pictures are theirs - who enjoy Ardnamurchan's rich wildlife, and particularly the otters.

Sue and Richard write, "It's not unusual for us to sit for hours at a time patiently waiting and watching for an otter somewhere along Ardnamurchan's beautiful coastline.

"An encounter with one of these engaging and fascinating animals is always such a pleasure.

"Over recent years we've been lucky enough to follow a cub from its early outings with mum, to fending for itself. From one holiday to the next we look forward with anticipation to seeing "our" otter, and I'm glad to say this June was no exception."

Many thanks to Sue and Richard for their pictures, and for writing about their otters.
Lochside Follies holiday cottages are here.

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