Saturday, 30 July 2016

Regatta 2016

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words - which is definitely true of these photos which show the effort, the grit, and the steely determination of the many competitors in the thirty-third West Ardnamurchan Regatta. This is the canoes junior mixed doubles, and....

....this is the canoes junior girls' doubles.

As can be seen from the blue, sparkling water and light seas, it was a perfect day for the inshore races.

On of the highlights this year was the many young people taking part, youngsters who, judging by this determined competitor, will soon be taking on, and beating, the older generations.

The youngsters may have been out, but it was good to see some of the old hands showing how a race should be.... not quite won. This is Nan MacLachlan and Rosie Curtis heading for second place in a fiercely-fought ladies rowing doubles.

There was some discussion amongst the spectators as to the advantage conferred on competitors by the boat they're using, and the need either for a handicap system or for Kilchoan to have a standard set of rowing boats. Certainly, this aluminium boat seemed to come home in winning position several times during the day. The men's doubles was another close-run race, but....

....perhaps some of the fiercest competition was in the adult canoe races. This is the mixed doubles, while....

....there were moments in the ladies' doubles when a clash of paddles seemed inevitable.

It was very good to welcome some strong outside competition, in particular from members of the Chelsea Kayaking Club which is developing close ties with West Ardnamurchan.

As well as the effort, Regatta is all about the thrills and spills of the race, as when the competitors in the rowing junior mixed doubles clashed, or when.... of the entries in the family raft race suddenly sank, throwing its two-man crew into the water. Fortunately, the rescue boat was close at hand, and the raft was later pulled from the water.

Each year there's a group photograph of all the winners with their hardware, and every year the success of the day is reflected in their smiling faces. Well done to the winners, but well done too to all those that took part and to the many who turned up to watch.

None of this would be possible without the well-oiled organisation behind the Regatta, led by Alastair MacColl. His committee, assisted by many others, organise everything from retrieving, engraving and cleaning the silverware to ensuring that the lobster turns up so people can guess its weight.

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  1. Wow, what a fabulous couple of days it much have been in beautiful Kilchoan. Such a shame that we're not able to visit this summer... But there's always next year.