Saturday, 2 July 2016

Producers' Markets

Last Sunday's Producers' Market, the second to take place, was another great success, with more stalls and a greater variety. In this picture alone, from left to right, there was a plant stall, a home-made bread stall, a community garden stall, paintings, wood turning, knitting products, and sewing products, while....

....a little further round in the hall a local pig farmer was doing a brisk trade - we bought some rhubarb off him.

Such is the success of the venture that the producers have now agreed to increase the number of markets to two a month, so the organisers, who include Geoffrey Campbell, seen here at his stall, now have a series of dates - 17th and 31st July, 14th and 28th August, 18th September, and 9th October - all between 11am and 1pm in the Community Centre.

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