Friday, 8 July 2016

Croft Fit - Pulling Bracken

Our rural fitness correspondent, Alasdair Thornton, writes, "Chris Masterton, up for a visit at Cruachan Fitness Croft in Ormsaigbeg, decided to partake in the latest exercise craze sweeping the country – Croft Fit.

"As the picture shows, Chris was able to burn in excess of 700 calories per hour using a mixture of techniques such as calisthenics, karate, feng shui and pilates and, in the process, clear a bank behind the croft of all its bracken."

Alasdair was so delighted that he considered only charging Chris half the normal rate for the experience, but decided against it as Chris is from a posh area of Edinburgh.

Many thanks to Alasdair for picture & words.


  1. If Chris masters the art of Yogic flying too, he could be in the market for nettle clearance aswell.