Monday, 3 August 2015

The Weather Again

The only way to describe the weather at the moment is that it's totally unpredictable, with the forecast changing all the time. We were due to have a fine afternoon, but instead have a stiff southwesterly and grey skies - although almost all the forecast sites are still promising some sunshine.

One tends to fall back on the sites that show what's actually happening, and Cameron Beccario's superb site, here, which shows surface wind speeds, doesn't hold much promise for the next 24 hours - the reddish colour indicates strong winds.

XC Weather is never the most optimistic of sites, but even the BBC has changed its tune and is now forecasting winds of 45mph around lunchtime tomorrow, after which it is supposed to be quietening down in good time for Thursday and Friday's Regatta events. But the weather prospects depend largely on the position and movement of the jet stream - see the site here, which also has a good explanation - which is both heavily kinked and too far south for any good, summer weather. If it moves in, rather than filling, as it was predicted to do, then strong winds are likely.


  1. We're coming up for a fortnight on Saturday. Any chance we can book some good weather, or have we left it too late?

  2. The weather is always good up here. It just depends on your definition of 'good'.

    But seriously, today was forecast to be dreadful, a gale, rain.... As it turned out, we had little rain, quite a few lovely sunny intervals, and even the gale turned out to be an invigorating breeze.

    I do hope you enjoy your stay. Jon