Thursday, 27 August 2015

"Lochaber's Famous Fluffy Bird"

From Jenny Chapman:
Algy has had an unusually exciting time these past few weeks, with a half-page article about "Lochaber's famous fluffy bird" in the Lochaber News last week - here - and another feature due in this week's Oban Times.

And to top it all, on Monday Algy received this message from Tumblr:

"Your blog is trending! adventuresofalgy has been featured as a Trending Blog on Tumblr! Over the next few days, millions of people will be introduced to you and your blog around the site and in our mobile apps. Congrats!"

The Adventures of Algy - here - has been running on Tumblr since early 2012, and has gradually acquired a substantial following from all around the world. Building a following is usually a very slow and laborious business, but being featured as an officially trending Tumblr blog means thousands of new followers for Algy in the space of just a few days. However, so far as I know, the fact that Algy's blog is trending on the New York-based Tumblr this week is not connected with his increasing local exposure - it's just a happy coincidence.

But Algy is not bothered by all this attention. He is content just to perch on a rock or the crossbar of the foghorn's structure and watch the sea, while his assistant does all the work.

So, owing to Algy's increasing fame, and the success of the very enjoyable book signing events which I held recently at the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse and the Kilchoan Community Centre, I will be doing one more book signing event this coming Sunday, 30th August, again at the Lighthouse. This will probably be the last one until Algy's second book is published shortly before Christmas.

This is the final opportunity this summer to get a signed and dated copy of Algy's first book "A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" with a personal dedication - while Algy is still only slightly famous. If you have a special request or want to reserve a copy, please contact me through Algy's own web site - here - or on Facebook - here.

And for those who were asking, there is now a third print edition of the book suitable for schools and libraries (and for children who treat their books roughly), with a glossy casebound hardback cover.

As before, all sales at the book signing event go through the lighthouse till in the usual way, so that the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Trust can make a profit from the event.

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