Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pink Poo

This double rainbow across Kilchoan Bay seemed to burn in the sky late yesterday afternoon, and reminded us that October is supposed to be the rainbow month here, not August.

In the verges along the Ormsaigbeg road we found this meadow brown, a sadly battered specimen which could hardly find the energy to fly. The butterflies which should be feasting on the buddleias, the peacocks and tortoiseshells, are absent, even though our buddleia is having a magnificent year. Its flowers are now dying, the only insects that have benefitted being the black bees from Trevor Potts' hives at the Ardnamurchan Campsite.  One other butterfly was in the air, a small white one which was blown away on the brisk breeze before it could be photographed.

Something has left a calling card at the top of the steps up to our vegetable garden. Whatever it was - and suggestions would be very welcome - it had been eating the few raspberries that have managed to ripen. We suspect it was the cock pheasant, but he is denying the charge.


  1. I believe this will be hedgehogs, pine martens feeding on all the ripening berries, I saw a similar pile (2to be exact) on the main road during the week, quite a bit larger in size than in your pic so could only be a larger mammal not a bird unless it was an ostrich!

    The Raptor

  2. Thanks, Raptor - think it may be a bit big for a hedgehog. Jon

  3. Brian Culcheth writes, "The raspberry mess is typical of pine marten being sick. They do the same with rowan berries where they just eat far too many."