Sunday, 9 August 2015

Regatta 2015 - Day 2 - Sailing

Many thanks to Chris Gane for the first four of these pictures, which show yesterday's yacht race. The first picture shows all six yachts shortly after the start, with Geoffrey Campbell's Topper Omega in the lead, followed by Connor Campbell's Laser, Martin Holt's Laser 2000 and Paul White's Hunter Europa. In the left distance is Tim White's Wayfarer, and the brown sail in the centre distance is David Syme's Drascombe Dabber.

Martin's Laser had a problem early in the race while rounding the first buoy, but he and Debbie managed to right their boat and continue with the race.

This is Tim's Wayfarer. At first sight it looks okay but, from the smiles and the fact that they are not racing, it's obvious something is wrong. In fact a crack had let water into the double hull, sinking her steadily by the stern until water began to pour in....

....with the inevitable result.  Sadly, for a Wayfarer with a leak there is little choice but to retire, so Chris took the two lads into the rescue boat and brought them ashore.

After drifting for a while, the Wayfarer was towed gently into Kilchoan Bay and, after being manoeuvred into the shallows, bailed out and taken away for repair.

Many thanks to Chris & Hamza for the photos.
Hamza's Facebook site, which has lots more pictures, is here.

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