Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Algy Publishes First Book

Many readers of The Diary will already know Algy - that unique fluffy bird whose adventures in the local landscape have been shared with fans around the world since March 2012, through his very popular Tumblr blog The Adventures of Algy.

A few weeks ago, Algy published his first book for children, with the help of his assistant, local writer and artist Jenny Chapman. "A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" is the first in a series of books, Tales from the Adventures of Algy, with approximately two books planned for publication each year. The second book in the series is due in November.

"A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" is a chapter book with a colour illustration at the start of each chapter. Intended for children aged 7 and up to read alone, it has also proved hugely popular with the wee ones as a bedtime story, and all the the children who have read it so far are already clamouring for more. Algy's assistant has been reliably informed that one five-year-old in Bristol actually wanted to go to bed, for the first time in his short life, so that he could hear more of Algy's story.

Published locally, "A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" is available worldwide. It has already been shipped to Algy's fans in at least 17 different countries, from all the continents of the world (except Antarctica - so far!), and has received enthusiastic reviews from readers of all ages from 5 to 86, including one review in Japanese on

"A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" is currently available in a deluxe hardback edition (cloth-bound with dust jacket) at £13.99, and a standard paperback edition at £5.99, as well as a Kindle e-book edition available from Amazon. All editions have colour illustrations.

You can read the opening pages of the book online, and see all the illustrations, at Algy's very own web site - here - which has been developed especially for young readers of Algy's books. The site is new and still expanding, but it already includes several image galleries and many special features for children, including an online dictionary, a Visitors Book, an image gallery of children's own art work and - by the end of this week - a special interactive book for children to add their own poems and rhymes. Algy's books include many original rhymes and poems for children, and he is keen to encourage young readers to write their own.

Algy's assistant, Jenny Chapman, is doing two book signing events in West Ardnamurchan this week - at the Kilchoan Community Centre on Thursday 13th August from 11.30 to 2.30, and at the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse shop and cafĂ© on Sunday 16th August from 12.30 to 3.30.  Details are on the West Ardnamurchan News, here

Signed copies of "A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" will be available to buy - with personal dedications if you wish - as well as unique greetings cards featuring some of the illustrations from the book, and a very special bookmark. All sales will go through the tills, to benefit the Community Centre and the Lighthouse, and the prices will be exactly the same as the prices at Amazon - so don't buy online when you can buy locally.

Come along and meet the author, see the book, and chat about Algy and his adventures - and get a special signed copy with dedication, an ideal present for a child.

If you can't come to the book signing events but would like to contact Jenny (or Algy) about the book or Algy's adventures, please use the contact form on Algy's web site.

To avoid disappointment, Algy has asked that The Diary makes it clear that he regrets that he cannot attend public events personally, so he will not be at the book signing events. Fluffy birds are very shy around humans, and Algy prefers to remain outdoors in the wild landscape which is his home.

If you live a wee bit further afield, you might like to know that "A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird" is also available at Castle Stalker View in Appin, and should soon be available from other local retailers in the wider area. And if you live outwith the West Highlands of Scotland and need to order online, you will find that the book is readily available from Amazon, The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble in the USA, and other online bookshops.

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