Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kayaks to the Rescue

From our own correspondent:
Flora is one of several yachts which are here ready for Thursday and Friday's regatta. Left on a secure mooring she, along with all the boats in Kilchoan Bay, was buffeted by yesterday's winds. Two of the RIBs that arrived on Saturday dragged their temporary moorings. Both Phil and Fred had to go out to their RIBs during the day to re-position their moorings and secure their boats.

Flora's foresail was dislodged from its stowage and partially unfurled by the wind, flapping furiously in the force eight gusts. Left to the mercy of the wind it would have certainly shredded the sail and potentially put strain on the mooring lines - with potentially disastrous consequences. Luckily Geoff Campbell and his friend Alex Hester had decided to take advantage of the waves and get out on their kayaks to hone their rough weather skills, both being qualified in such conditions.

After a few practise capsizes (yes, on purpose!) they decided that a rescue mission was good training and managed to get out of their kayaks onto the pitching yacht and secure the sail.

Like the recent rescue of an errant tender from a visiting yacht - story here - it's a reminder of how Kilchoan folk will help out whenever needed. Well done to Geoff and Alex for a risky but successful mission!

Many thanks to Chris Gane for story and pictures.

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