Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Temperature Hits 25C

This is one of the Aida cruise ships. We don't know which one since she had her AIS turned off when she passed us at half-past ten last night, but we knew she was coming as she was a blaze of lights and the music was loud enough to dance to in Ormsaigbeg - which isn't surprising as Aida cruises specialise in informal cruising for German youth.

By contrast, this was the peaceful scene looking across Kilchoan Bay at half-past six this morning. With the year moving on, we're at the point when the sun is rising behind Beinn nan Losgann, the low hill to the left of the photo, and will soon be coming up over Ben Hiant.

By seven, the first of the Kilchoan creel boats was making its way out of the bay and towards Loch Sunart.

What followed has been a beautiful day, with light winds which have moved into the north - always the direction for the best weather - and the temperature has reached 25C in the shade. There are, at last, more butterflies out. Today's count was five different species, including this tortoiseshell feeding on a thistle.

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