Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Dawn, a Day, a Dusk

Like everyone, there are mornings when the sun seems to get out of bed on the wrong side and starts the day with a scowl. So it was yesterday, and the misty cloud made little effort to remove itself for most of the day, much to the pleasure of the midges who haven't had this sort of sultry weather for some time in which to go about their blood-sucking business.

I made a short visit to Mingary Castle during the grey of mid-morning, where the transformation continues. The scaffolding is now down on the north range - more about the castle at the Mingary Castle website here.

By dusk the sky had cleared, the sun smiled, and we sat on our top terrace looking out across a view with a completely different mien.

While we relaxed on land and enjoyed the view across the water, others were out on it and involved in the serious job of obtaining supper. Many thanks to Out & About for this picture of his son Stuart with a large pollock, the biggest fish of the day. Now that's a picture of a very happy young man.

Not that we were short of entertainment as we sipped our wine and shared our oatcakes with the tame robin. The RAF treated us to a flypast, while....

....a yacht called Freebird motored slowly across the still waters in front of us. The only blot wasn't on the horizon but....

....on the power cables immediately over our heads, where a yellowhammer insisted on sitting for quite some time.

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