Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Pig Escapees Captured

Five pigs were captured yesterday evening by quick-thinking Trevor Potts of Ardnamurchan Campsite, who found them beginning to tuck in to the beautifully tended lawns around his pitches. Trevor rounded them up - he's a natural swine-herd - while the Diary summoned Hughie who, at first....

....hotly denied they were his as there are only five, and his escaped ones - see yesterday's blog - totalled eight. It seems that the modern generation can't do anything without first consulting their mobile devices, but it was while Hughie was doing this that....

....three more piglets appeared walking gaily along the road as if they owned the place.  At this point Hughie admitted they must be his, though not before the Diary had tried to sell them off, at a very reasonable price, to two passers-by.

So Hughie went off down the road to collect them, which he did very successfully, after which....

....he left Trevor in charge of them while he went to get his trailer.

I hung around for some time and there was no sign of Hughie, so I left Trevor to it.  For all I know, Trevor's still watching the eight piglets.


  1. Could I offer my services as a swine-herd in return for comfortable accomodation with all found , I can shout pretty loudly , or so my son says Maz

  2. I think you're just the man Hughie needs. Jon