Sunday, 9 August 2015

Regatta 2015 - Day 2 - More Pictures

Being towed out to the start line is part of the fun of Regatta.  Chris Gane's picture shows the canoe junior doubles on their way to the start line....

....while Hamza's picture shows the young kayakers in action.

It may look a bit more stately, but the adult mixed doubles was a hard-fought affair. The plywood kayak which won, at left, was home-made by Geoffrey Campbell. I think I'm right in saying that won every race it entered.

The winners of the raft race, our two local fishermen, in their fine ship Old Drippy, are seen in action in another of Chris's pictures.

Many thanks to Chris Gane and Hamza Yassin for the pictures.
Hamza's Facebook page is here.

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