Saturday, 22 August 2015

Another Pig Escape

It's bad enough living surrounded by pigs, it's even worse when one - or more - of them escapes. Bobby the Boar was out the other day, but today it was the turn of one of the female saddlebacks, spotted digging up the verges as we were enjoying a relaxing cup of tea and savouring the view from our terrace.

So I rang Hughie who, as usual - see previous post here - denied it was his. However, give him his due, he came down pretty quickly, but once he'd been to his run and counted his pigs....

....he declared that they were all there, and so it couldn't be his.

Fortunately, at that moment Angus-John, who also has pigs in Ormsaigbeg, turned up. The Diary showed him the picture of the loose pig and, as expected, he denied it was his. When it was pointed out that it was definitely not Nicky's, who is the only other pig farmer in Ormsaigbeg, and it definitely wasn't Hughie's, as he'd counted them, Angie reluctantly admitted it might be his, and that he would go and have a look. Since by this time the sow had long ago disappeared into the bracken, he's probably still looking.

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