Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blue Skies

Blue skies like this have been a bit of a rare commodity over the last few weeks, so it was great, as yesterday afternoon drew on towards the point where the sun lay over the yardarm, to adjourn to the top terrace for a drink, and to turn the camera upwards.

A little later, Brian, a friend of Ritchie Dinnes, took these pictures of the Small Isles, seen from Kilmory on Ardnamurchan's north coast. This one shows Rum silhouetted against the evening sky, while....

....this one looks more towards the northwest, and shows the low profile of Muck.

If much of yesterday was warm but hazy, this morning dawned wonderfully clear, so we could watch the sun as it broke the horizon above Beinn nan Losgann at a quarter past six. We may have thought of ourselves early birds, but the robin was there to meet us and demand his breakfast.

By seven we were driving towards Fort William, and passed this view, which is familiar to anyone who has been to West Ardnamurchan. It looks down the wide glen of the Achateny Water towards the lonely Braehouse Cottage - one of Ardnamurchan Estate's letting houses - and, beyond it on the coast, the little settlement of Achateny. In the distance, unusually clear, are the islands of Eigg and Rum.

Many thanks to Brian from Aberdeen for the Kilmory pictures.


  1. Great photo of the dawn robin, terrific .

    The Raptor

  2. Didn't see the robin until I looked at the picture hours later. Jon