Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday was the sort of day when anyone with any sense stayed at home out of the wind and rain, while.... has been a day for catching up on the suntan.  And, no, our neighbour's pigs aren't thinking of becoming creel fishermen. The buoy is there for them to play football.

Yesterday evening ships were feeling their way through the murk of the Sound - this is the Sea Explorer 1 passing the Northern Lighthouse Board's Pharos, anchored in Bloody Bay - while.... a gentle northerly summoned just enough energy to flap the union flag which is flying over the West Ardnamurchan Jetty Association's bothy by the Kilchoan slipway.


  1. Sea Explorer 1 - yet another cruise ship heading for St. Kilda. That looks like two of them there on the 14th plus all the others that seem to be heading in that direction these days!

  2. I seem to remember that the last Union Flag that flew above the WAJA bothy ended up in this some kind of political metaphor?

  3. Is this photo taken from the small campsite that we stayed at last year as we have an almost identical photo.

  4. Many thanks for the comments.
    There's always pressure on cruise ships to take their clients somewhere 'new', so remote and peaceful spots like St Kilda will feel the pressure. One day we'll get one calling in Kilchoan bay. As for the flag, each year WAJA raises a new flag and it stays up until it falls apart. I think last year it was a red duster. If the third comment refers to the last picture and to the Lochan nan Al campsite by the shop, then the answer is yes. Jon