Sunday, 17 May 2015

Rare Black Redstart on West Ardnamurchan

Special thanks to the local resident who has sent in this picture, taken this morning, of a black redstart, a robin-sized bird which is on the amber list of conservation concern, there being, according the RSPB, here, less than 100 breeding pairs in the UK.  The British Trust for Ornithology's distribution map - here - shows how rare it is, that most are concentrated in the southeast of Britain, and that sightings in Scotland are very rare indeed.

Meanwhile, the Raptor has been back at work with his camera.  While visiting a friend he was shown the wood store, with its wicker basket for carrying the wood indoors - but it was obviously left a moment too long.... it has now been commandeered by a female blackbird for her nest.

The Raptor has also been taking more pictures of cuckoos, this one looking very embarrassed, perhaps having been caught depositing an egg in a pipit's nest.

We thought they were three piles of sheep's dung in the road near Sanna this morning, only to realise as we drove over them that they were three tiny fledglings.  We stopped, and held our breath as another car passed over them.  Fortunately, when we walked back, none had been injured, so we moved them to the side of the road....

...while we were scolded loudly by mother and father stonechat.

Many thanks to the Raptor for his pictures.

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  1. Hi Diary, Black redstarts are seen every year on Arran, so it would seem your great spot was an adventuristic wee chap.
    Cheers Paul.