Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A 'Winter' Holiday

From Stephen Suttill:
"I have just returned to the Manchester area after an internet-free week at Richard & Lois Livett's excellent "Ruin" at Ardslignish. Only now able to catch up with your blog to see how it compares to the real thing!

"Despite the unseasonal return of winter (I have never been on Portuairk beach in a blizzard before), the wildlife was top notch as usual. Like your other contributors, we noted plenty of birds refuelling before making the long flight to Iceland or even Greenland. Lots of whimbrel (there usually are plenty around this time of year, but often mistaken for curlew), greenshank, a few dunlin (at Kilmory) of the Arctic race and, quite amazingly a pale-bellied brent goose (above) at Sanna last Thursday. I think this may be a first for West Ardnamurchan!"

Many thanks indeed to Stephen for photo and story.

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