Wednesday, 20 May 2015

SMT Bontrup

I'm very grateful to Douglas Miller for his comment on yesterday's post where he drew attention to this ship, the SMT Bontrup, which passed us this morning en route to Glensanda quarry.  I hadn't appreciated that there were, just to confuse us, two 'Bontrups', the Yeoman Bontrup, which we see often in the Sound, and the SMT Bontrup, both self-discharging bulk carriers.  While both appear to be operated by SMT Shipping, the SMT Bontrup doesn't feature in their list of vessels - here.


  1. Their website is so confusing, as the photos shown as Yeoman Bontrup are of each different vessel. They have a few bulkers which can load/unload with grabs or conveyor, but of course the Yeoman Bontrup has conveyor only. Strange that the SMT Bontrup does not get a mention in the Fleet List.

  2. I think they may have only recently acquired her. She was called the Don Miguel until April 2015. Jon